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Dear AV Industry leaders and future sponsors: It will not be hard for you to figure out the extent of exposure your companies and products will get among professionals and consumers all over the globe if, you read about our multiple AV industry projects and portals. Please call us to reserve your spot.

Audio Visual Industry Directory Projects are meant to connect AV companies, professionals and consumers through internet. These portals also provide information about audio visual equipment and services to all interested. AV directory portals also enable inventors and innovators with limited budgets to get their products to the markets without economically burdening themselves.

Our multiple portals for AV industry will remove many barriers and facilitate information exchange between AV companies, professionals and end users. We have already launched two portals namely avcompanies.com and AV professionals.com. AVcompanies.com helps professionals and end users find manufacturers, Distributors, sellers and other businesses.

AVprofessionals.com, also called who’s who of Audiovisual Industry, facilitates networking and communication among AV professionals, end users as well as executives of AV companies. Our visitors are able to find specialized professionals within AV Industry, anywhere in the world.

We will be extending our AV directory project to include directory and information of AV industry events like tradeshows, conferences, educational sessions, and new products announcements. Events’ organizers will be able to post their events on site and interested individuals will be able to learn about these events through our directory portals.

Lack of well accepted AV standards and information about existing standards is an issue of deep concern. We like to be a part of Industry’s efforts towards establishing standards. Such efforts will benefit all businesses and consumers. Our AV standards directory portal will list standards and will facilitate other professionals to post information about them.

AVequipment.info will provide information about audiovisual equipment and its manufactures. This portal will make it easier for buyers and professionals to find the right equipment and connect with its manufacturers.

AVunivesrity.com will be an educational portal for professionals as well as consumers. We will post articles on different subjects within AV Industry. Some articles will be written for professionals while the others will be for consumers or end users. In the long run we are planning to provide online courses, conducts exams and issue certificate, diplomas and degrees.

Our efforts are being led by Mr. Shah Nawaz, an ex-lecturer of an Engineering University and an experienced engineer. Shah earned his MSME degree from Middle East Technical University at Ankara. He worked and taught in various countries around the globe. He is currently settled in Seattle and has been running his audiovisual company business since, 1992.

We encourage audiovisual companies all over the world to post their business and products information on AVcompanies.com, and send us suggestions to improve. We also ask AV professionals, not to hesitate posting their information at http://avprofessionals.com.


Please contact us if, you want your company to be among the early sponsors or contributors to our AV directory projects. We will post your company names and links on all over visited pages. You are also welcome to send us your suggestions to:

Shah Nawaz
AV Directory Projects
Audiovisual Company
576 Industry Drive
Seattle WA 98188
Phone: USA 206-575-7771