Tutorial / FAQ

Please read the instructions carefully before postingf your company info. Adding the listing properly will help your prospects find your business easily. Your Email address will not be visible to the public.

Prior to registration: The registration confirmation and a link to add your listing will be sent through Support@avcompanies.com. Please unblock emails from support@avcompanies.com to receive an auto generated email. Sometimes this mail ends up in junk mail box.

Filling in the registration form: Remember you can add only one registration and one time listing under an email address. If you want your branch offices to list separately, they have to register under their email addresses. If you are a manufacturer, distributor or a rep, advise your dealers / Resellers to list separately.

Entering info: Please pay attention to some of the fields like nearby cities while adding listings and read the relevant instructions.

Company Executives: You have the option of adding names and positions of company executive. However, you will be able to add executives after your initial company listing is complete. You will also be able to login again and add executives. Executives listed will show up under company listing.

Company logo: You will need to have picture of logo saved in standard picture format. You can upload it by browsing and selecting your logo. Logo shows up below company name.

Picture: Since you can add only one picture besides logo, we recommend that you add a picture, that represent your equipment or services the best.

Listing title: The title should be your company name. This will also be appear in google and other engines searches.

City name variation and nearby cities: An important field especially for dealers, resellers, rental, installation and services companies. Some cities or spelled differently or abbreviated by people for example New York City is also written as NYC , Los Angeles can also be LA or L.A. Enter these variations in this field. Moreover, you may have office in Business in suburbs of a main city like Burien close to Seattle. Out of area people only recognize Seattle. Therefore, it is important to enter main city in nearby cities. It is also beneficial to add other cities bordering city of your business. Your prospects will also be able to find you under those cities.

Adding pictures and logo: You will need to save picture or Logo on your computer drive. We will let you know when we add a company log feature.

Q & A:

Q: What shall I do if get an error message?

A: Generally error messages are displayed if, the information entered is not recognized by the system. For example adding text or symbols like dashes where only numbers entry is required. However, if you get an error message please cut, paste and send it to support@avcompanies.com.

Q: The category or the location (country or state/province) is not listed here. What shall I do?

A: Send us an email telling us about your category and/or location. We will add them instantly and notify you.

Q: I do not have a company but provide professional services?

A: You May list your services with AVcompanies.com but you should give your name under title. You may also post your information on AVprofessionals.com and AVfreelancers.com.

Q: Can we see help messages while adding company infromation?

A: We have provided help message with every field. The help message appears if you hold your mouse in front of any filed. for a few seconds. You may also contact our support at 206-575-7771 (dial US code if calling out of USA) for any assistance. We strongly recommend reading help messages for better results.

Q: We do not have e-mail or a web site. How can we List our company?

A: You will need to have Internet access and a valid email address to register, login or add your company. Having your own website is not necessary.

Q: How much does it cost to list a business or a company?

A: Currently we are offering free membership and listings. However, we have the right to change our policy anytime.

Q: How many categories/subcategories can I list under?

A: You can only list under one main category, but you may assign multiple sub-categories to your listing. This will increase your search options.

Q: Can we add, change the information or picture in our listing?

A: Yes you can always login and edit information or change the picture. We encourage you to add latest news, products and developments.

Disclaimer: We strictly advise all visitors, buyers, sellers, investors to be aware of scams and be extremely careful before committing, paying or making any other business arrangements. We at AVindustry.org or not responsible for any contents or information provided by the registrants or others.